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[02 Mar 2004|04:49pm]
[ mood | flowers ]



last chance! add it now......

i dont get why people keep adding this name......dont do it.

its bad luck......


i am bad luck.



just add the other one nickelfuck.

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so smack me in the face then..... [17 Feb 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | blah ]

March 27, 2004
at the The Back Booth, Orlando, FL
with The Banner, Overdale, The Little


yes. oh hell yes.

ummm im still coming to michigan.
and im staying at lisa sherman's house.
uh oh.

im not very happy now a days.
i know it sounds lame but i've
been trying to figure out my life.
just sitting back and thinking.
its a longass road up ahead.
right now im walking.

oh and thank you my little rainbowbrite.
she made my day. its so weird because i havent
talked to her in a long time and today i wore my
rainbowbrite shirt. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

keep adding iveloadedmygun
because this one is soon to be deleted.

call me a bad word. DO IT!
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[14 Feb 2004|12:29am]
iveloadedmygun  = danielle's new start.
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so i am fucking awesome. [13 Feb 2004|08:31am]
[ mood | hungry ]


i have school today and i have a shit load of homework.
i also stayed up all night last night.
what do i do?


i missed 3 days too.
i dont care because the homework thing.
they understand.

plus yesterday was shitty.
a kid called me some ugly things in front of everyone
and it just made me feel like i was worthless.
like the times back at lcn.

so i got up and cried.
walked to the bathroom and just stayed there.
i am alone at that school.
everyone is 14 and under.
i have no one to actually talk too.
i feel like everyone is lying to me.
everyone is two faced at that puke hole.

im a pussy?


i just feel like this wasn't an awesome week for me.
i can say i've stayed sane for my friend micheal.
hes shown me the light and let me borrow boondock saints.
i hope he doesnt leave me for 21 days.
that would suck.
people suck.
life sucks. (at times)

happy 15th birthday blue.

so today i am going to clean and clean
because family from michigan is coming down and
staying with us......yup.

danielle lopez needs to get away from her home.

you know whats really funny?
when you finally know that your faded out.
Two days ago i called everyone i knew in my
phone book....including people i barley talk to now.
hence.....mike krygier, brian daly, eric geib....etc.
no one returned my calls and im unliked.
i want to believe i have friends in michigan.
but its really hard when you have to call them
all the time and just wonder if your bothering them
when they arent even paying for the call.
i feel like the hulk. its sad when people claim they
have my number but blah. just dont tell me that shit.

if you all dont want me to call you people...just say so.
if you all dont want me to come to michigan.....i wont.
i thought i was doing it for a reason.
now i just feel like a joke keeping my hopes up that people
would really not forget about me.
when they did.
now my boyfriend is forgetting.
he even tells me he forgets to call me.
can anyone please just tell me why....
should i move on and not move back to the past
that i once lived and was happy......?
because i will.

i just cant keep holding my breath and wait for
someone or anyone to call me from michigan where
i'm supposed to be moving too.
i dont feel wanted at all up there.

okay im going to quit thinking .... right.... now.
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3days...eyes are on fire. [11 Feb 2004|11:20am]

now lets go to the good stuff......

fuck whatever i write.

thats my daquri and it was gooddddd........

it also was a pretty night.....

MORE MORE MORE.............Collapse )

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my eyes fucking hurtttttttttttttt [09 Feb 2004|09:53am]
[ mood | my fucking eye ]

ya well im sitting here when im supposed to be in school.

last night i had an awesome dream about opie. it wasnt
naughty or anything. i dreamt i was at his house and i woke
up to him jumping on top of me and we kissed *sigh* :(

my eyes fucking hurt....from my contacts.

oh my hair is dark now. i wanted to bleach it.
but bish....that would be gross.
oh well.

so now im waiting until my sister is awake
so we can go get coffee then she can take me
to school for like an hour.
oh well at least i went for that awesome hour.


fbomb claims that i am a coke head now. so
deal with that america.

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its sinking in. [08 Feb 2004|09:40am]
[ mood | clueless ]

all i have to say is that i am terrified.

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the words of an fbomb........ [07 Feb 2004|02:54pm]
Cdawg15517: how come everyone refers to vagina smelling and tasting like fish when in reality it doesn't smell or taste like fish??? and if it does u have serious problems?
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i give you my heart as a token of affection......assblemily required. [05 Feb 2004|11:08am]
[ mood | chicken fillet.....fuckn ]

If the worlds were to collapse tonight and we fell to the core would you hold my hand until we dug our way back to the surface? We made it up the first slope without letting go. I'm determined to reach the sky. I'll be your cause for cancer if you breathe the tar from my lungs. Just a few more rocks to climb before we reach the shoreline to allow the current to take us away for as long as forever lives up to its name. A flash of light is more than a heartbeat. So, here's to chemistry and the funny way it throws your head towards the sky. Take the wheel as I watch the headlights reflect in your eyes. Chapters are only the structure as this novel establishes with time. I'll write every detail ensured that it just gets better from here before the cover seals the bind. If it kills you this much, I'll read our book to your bones and tape you to my walls and catch you when you fall. Dream about our kodalith designs. The rolls fill as we develop our progress in black and white.

yes pink.

36 days until
i come to michigan.
i want to pee!
Oh and yes...i'm going to call everyone
i know and i will leave a message! BITCH!
im gonna go to north again and just walk
to a class and sit there. haha. because i can.

i still need a place to stay.
like for 10 days...or just a couple
nights for shits and giggles.
please please..i dont want to stay at
my aunts house because it will feel like
a prison always coming home at a certain time.
ya know....i like feeling free when im on vacation.

hopefully someone understands me.
honestly, i dont understand me sometimes. prom is coming up...are you coming?
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shake it. sh-sh-shake it. shake it. [03 Feb 2004|10:27am]
[ mood | lunch ]

hello. my name is danielle leigh evening star lopez-gabaldon.

and i love janet jackson's nipple.


tonite is senses fail and i'm going
to fall in love all over again.


my nails and toe nails are pink.
definately cool.

my sister is home and i love her very much.
me and brooke are together still.
it sucks without her car.

i've been sick for 2 weeks now.

i'm going to take pictures tonite!
so get ready for pictures. fucker.

i miss life.
i want to live.

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get away from me. [01 Feb 2004|04:23pm]
i think if you lifted my heart to your ear
you could hear the ocean.

matt.......your a boy that wears tight pants.
and i think your awesome for that!

i'm going to hell. whos coming with me?
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and the grammy goes to..... [30 Jan 2004|10:33am]
[ mood | rice cakes ]

i just want to tell everyone in my annoying huge font that
i love fbomb because hes into spooning.......

and was the guy to call for some help.

thank you so much.

lisa sherman i love you too.

oh ya and that guy named frick.

oh by the way....can i stay with someone for 10 days
when i come up to michigan....opie hates me and
i can't stay with please!!!

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wasting away my day..... [27 Jan 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | :wake n' bake: ]

i'm trying to make out what song is on mtv right now.
who cares....

its wednesday and i've missed 2 days of school
from being infected.
gross.....i tell you.

i already know what i have to do in school
and so far i'm doing pretty good. fuck ya.

My sister moved home on monday and its been awesome.
we have been doing the usual stuff and i love it.
i feel dead to the world.

the only people i know who care are the ones i talk
to everyday on the phone.
march is coming close and i wonder if i still wanna go.

im sorry that i disappoint you with no pictures.
go take your own dammit.

im sinking faster.
i want to grow up.

i'm not even sleeping in on my day off.
that is bad. what do i have to sleep off though?
stress? school? friends? boyfriends? work? adolesence?
those things are life.
and i live for it.

the only question i ask is....

what do i do now?

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let the rain fall down and wake my dreams.......... [24 Jan 2004|02:40pm]
[ mood | content ]

sore throats and being sick puts me in a sad mood...and blah.......


but thanks to hillary duff i have been much better. My sister and I have been watching lizzie all the time now. haha. her new song is fun to dance to in your swivel that right? fuck you and im cooler then you for listening to her. shes so hot. much hottier then kelly clarkston lisa sherman!! haha.

i also want to say that everyday is getting harder. i love opie so much. and now it feels like we havent seen each other in a year.

opie opie opie opie opie! i love you.


ANYWAYS - - - - -


yesterday i didnt go to school. so i took pictures of the nice day outside.

bwah bwah!

florida is cold.Collapse )

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im awesome because i actually read peoples journals..... [23 Jan 2004|10:14am]
[ mood | lovely ]

yesterday....was neat.

went to school.
then came home.
brooke then called to see
if i wanted to hang out with mark
and her.
so i did.
and it was awesome...i saw
the fuckin sweetest movie ever.

those scottish guys are so fucking beautiful.
ya wow.

but danielle is sick today so she
cant come outside to play today.

but michael is coming over to say
hi and how do you do......later today.

then i also have to go to my friend's surprise bday party.
yayay...ITS COLD 40!

well thats enough for now.
oh and i must add that i love on broken wings.

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be scared....very very scared...... [21 Jan 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | blah ]

so last night i was bored.....and i had to make dinner. This is me and my sister enjoying the wonderful world of cooking tacos....come and join me. BE SCARED!!!! rawr.....

its 7 months cant believe it. <33333 opie......


51 days..............COUNTDOWN! ha.


here we go.....picture time!!!! fuck you.


this is my little sister excited to start our food........aka cathy.

more and more cooking....i got mad because i wanted to stir it.

click below for more cooking with anastacia beaverhousen.....

DANIELLE IS LAME!!!!Collapse )

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when you___ cried i'd__ wipe away all__of your __tears.... [19 Jan 2004|12:48pm]
[ mood | my stomach hurts ]


well it was kinda lame....but i still had fun. mike came over and he skated with my brother while i watched. then we went for a walk and went on the playground. i havent been on a swing in forever.

we also saw some horrible lawn care. people need to mow that stuff. but i shouldnt talk. my grass is dead. haha.


 mike freaking out

 my bro and his new hair...trying to poop.

 thats my eye. i didnt want my picture taken fucker.

 cant have a night without brad....come on.


happy martin luther king jr. friends. . . . . . . . . .today is monday. of course and no school.

____so today____i am going to hang out with mike and watch him skate and shit. i wish i got a hold of brooke because its been 2 days......and i just got the answer machine. *HMIF*


i miss lisa and we need to go burn down some houses.

.DEEP THOUGHT. - i think the black guy on the real world needs to stop crying about people that say ghetto and the n-word on accident. hes horrible. haha. oh yes and 53 more days until i come to michigan. anyone want to go apple picking?



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bored....and lame.... [17 Jan 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i think i like my hair. but im getting bored with it.

so i was bored is what i did. ha.

should i cut it??


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maybe they aren't so bad. [17 Jan 2004|12:39pm]
[ mood | lonley and bored ]

If i had a money i would:

1. buy all the yellowcard and eagles cds.
2. fly up to michigan for a couple months.
3. get an apartment in michigan.
4. buy a nice car.
5. get a new cell phone.
6. buy lots of clothes from gucci.
7. burn $100 bills.
8. buy michael a new skateboard.
9. give my mom a new clothes from paris. (i heard its expensive there)
10. buy my older sister a car and a house.
11. buy opie 4 lightnings for each letter in his name.
12. buy a private jet.
13. open a salon and clothing company.
14. give


my friends money for no reason.
15. have my own concert with hot hot heat.
16. buy opie new shirts that are tight to show his 6 pack.
17. buy opie a p-diddy watch worth 2 million dollars.
18. buy opie every video game he could every want.
19. go to canada with friends and drinks would be on me.
20. send my dad a letter with a dollar in it and tell him to spend it wisely.
21. travel all over the world with opie and whoever wants to go.
22. build a skate park and let my brother run it.
23. give my little sister a huge hamster cage.
24. buy a cow bell.
25. take jimmy, norrus, and nick to guitar center and tell them to get whatever they want.
26. beat the hell out of fbomb then get him some white gloves.
27. give bobby a new car with "i love men" on the interior.
28. buy lisa and heidi a house with lots of pies and kelly and justin dvds.
29. get a reality show and show me shaving my legs while singing when a man loves a women for every episode.
30. buy a kitten and 3 great dames.
31. have a hugeass graduation party with everyone i love there.
32. go to vegas and get married. <33333
33. buy opie and all his friends crotch rockets.
34. buy my hoe and dancing partner million dollar rings from tiffanys.

35. Finally, i would give money to charities and support local bands. Basically, I would do a bunch of giving. I don't care what cost it is. I would just like to make someones day.


i love and miss you so much opie.

(enter theme music)Collapse )
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gotta go. [15 Jan 2004|08:29am]
[ mood | crazy ]

yesterday was a blur.

but it was fun.

i am obsessed with waffles.

which is very sad.


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